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Friendliest Puppy!

Our new puppy, Rizzo, is a Mini Bernedoodle. He is the most loving, happy, and smart puppy we’ve ever met! He absolutely loves everyone he meets and covers them with his kisses! We’ve had him less than a week and he’s already figured out how to go up and down steps and he’s doing great at learning to walk on a leash, go potty outside, and has even slept through the night! We can tell he was given tons of love and attention from Lakeside Kennels!

Jayson has been amazing to work with. We live over 5 hours away from Lakeside Kennels and Jayson was willing to drive 2 hours closer so our drive wouldn’t be as long. With 2 young children and a puppy to bring home, this was exactly what we needed! Jayson immediately responds to texts and phone calls and answers any and all of my questions, even a week later! You can tell he truly cares for his puppies and the family that gives them a home! I’m so happy I found Lakeside Kennels and our new family member Rizzo!

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